Are You Stuck?

Physician beliefs

A better question might be, where are you stuck? Previously, I told my before and after story. I told you that while I enjoy everything about my medical practice today, there was a time when I felt stuck. Stuck with insurance. Stuck with unhappy patients. Stuck with no cash flow.

It literally brought me to my knees.

My longtime personal friend and fellow physician got so fed up with the practice of medicine that he just left the profession altogether. He told me, “It’s just gotten to be so hard.”

It has been several years since he headed for the hills of Arkansas. In that time, I have come to realize that he is not alone. Many physicians feel the same way.

Congratulations if you are doing well in your medical practice!

I have found that even the best run businesses usually always have one or two areas that are suboptimal. Often, it has to do with slow accounts receivables or insurance reimbursements. Sometimes, doctors hit a wall when it comes to growing a profitable practice or finding quality staff members.

A physician recently shared with me that she loved her practice but she really needed help with marketing.

Another told me he has great cash flow, but he wants to scale his practice and add new protocols.

You know, and I know, that between wanting and doing is that word again, stuck. Sometimes I refer to it as the tyranny of the status quo.

Where are you stuck?

For me, I needed to extricate myself from practicing a type of medicine in which I had lost faith. In the process, I found freedom. My patients did too!

Now, my mission is to help you and other doctors who are stuck find solutions that will move them in a new, more satisfying direction. Through our proprietary assessment, Hotze Elite Physicians can assist you in getting clarity around your greatest area of need.

Too many patients to handle or too few?

Great systems and procedures, or chaos?

Healthy cash flow, or cash poor?

Medical protocols that leave your patients healthy and well, or sick and tired?

Life is too short to remain stuck. If you are stuck, we would count it a privilege to help. Hotze Elite Physicians. Contact us today.