Brandi Spradling, RN

Brandi Spradling is a Texas native with a distinct Southern flair. She went to University at Regent’s College in London, England, then earned her bachelor’s in Nursing from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and is currently working towards her MBA from the University of Texas in Tyler.

Upon graduation, in 1996, Brandi began her career as a Critical Care ICU nurse at a flagship hospital in Dallas, Texas. After enduring a 3 year ailment without explanation or solution, Brandi became a guest at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in 2009.  Afterwards she became one of Hotze’s raving fans and spokespersons.

In March 2011, Dr. Hotze offered Brandi a position she embraced as a phone nurse at the wellness center. She then served as Director of Quality Assurance, and now Director of Hotze Elite Physicians Training and Physician Liaison.

In Brandi’s spare time, she enjoys competitive ice dancing and wrangling her husband and three sons.