Monica Luedecke

Monica Luedecke began her tenure with the company in September of 1990 as the front desk receptionist. She was the fourth person Dr. Hotze hired on his staff.  She oversaw the growth and development of Hotze Health & Wellness Center, currently employing nearly 100 staff members across all departments.  Monica spearheaded the development of Hotze Vitamins, formerly Physician’s Preference (1993), and expanded its product offering from 2 to over 100 private-label and proprietary products.  In addition, she led the development of Hotze Pharmacy (2002, previously known as Premier Pharmacy) to streamline bioidentical hormone access to Hotze’s guests.  She is currently dedicated to expanding Hotze Elite Physicians. Monica obtained her BBA in General Business from the University of Houston Downtown. Monica holds the title of the “Goal Queen” within Hotze Enterprises and has written a book for children on the subject, entitled, The Goal House.