The #1 Question I Am Asked By Doctors Interested in Hotze Elite Physicians

About Hotze Elite Physicians


Physicians from all over the Dallas area recently joined me at an event hosted by Hotze Elite Physicians. The number one question they wanted answered that evening was how I market my medical practice, and how to enhance theirs.

Turns out, that is a fairly simple question, and the answer is rather long.

My Marketing Philosophy

Decades ago, as a new physician building my first solo practice, I often grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant. One day, I noticed the sugar packet from which I was sweetening my tea had a little saying typed on it’s back – He who has a thing to sell, and goes and whispers in a well, will never make the kind of dollars, as he who gets on the rooftop and HOLLERS!

That made a big impression on me and I have recounted that story numerous times. Staying in front of an audience with a message that repels or attracts a clearly defined target market is a strategy I have employed ever since.

I also believe that the way in which you attract or repel your target audience is to share what you believe with them. Those who agree and share your beliefs will continue to want to hear your message, follow your brand, and eventually buy your products and services. Those who disagree never would do business with you anyway, and can be eliminated from  the pool of potential patients.

You may have noticed that I employ this strategy with my messaging within Hotze Elite Physicians. I incorporate my explanation of services, known as my EOS, with  all of my outreach and training. I believe that you need a coach to help you build a successful medical practice so that you can have more time, more money and more freedom to enjoy your life, while your patients enjoy health and wellness, naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

 See? If you are still reading, that messaging resonated with you. If not, you are officially part of my past. This strategy will differentiate you from your peers and attract a more qualified audience to your brand.

Top 3 Ways to Market

With that said, there are specific marketing strategies and media that I have utilized to get my message to my target market.

The first strategy is to become a person of interest, which lends authority and credibility to your brand. The best way I know to become a person of interest is to write and publish a book. In 2005, I published my first book, Hormones, Health and Happiness. In 2012, my second arrived on the scene, Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness. Last year, in 2017, I published Do A 180, Join The Wellness Revolution. These books have served to establish expert status and are a continual source of leads to my medical practice and now, this business.

My second marketing strategy is to constantly seek to increase brand awareness. I did this through hosting a radio show in the local Houston market for an hour each day, Monday through Friday, for 16 years. During the same period, I appeared on local television shows monthly. I also published advertisements in local magazines as well as flight magazines. This allowed my brand to extend its market reach.

Books and brand awareness are critical to being invited to keynote at speaking events. Because I am passionate about my subject, this is a natural fit for me.

My third strategy involves online and digital marketing. I was one of the first physicians in the Houston area to host a website for my medical practice, back in the early 2000s. Over the past few years, I have turned more and more to digital marketing, for a number of reasons.

The first is that radio and television viewership is down. Less of my audience tunes into these media. The second is that it’s much harder to target an audience on radio and television than it is online. As you may be aware, Facebook and other social media platforms allow for extremely precise audience targeting. I have found this to be a very cost effective and efficient solution to radio and television advertising. My team combines Facebook, LinkeIn, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram for maximum impact. We also host a blog.

You might say, “This is overwhelming!” or “I can’t afford to market that way,” and I would challenge you on that. If you want to Do a 180 and have more time, more money and more freedom to enjoy your life, while your patients obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally, you can’t afford NOT to market this way!

There is one alternative, I suppose. You can become so good at creating value for your patients that you can rely solely on referrals to build your practice. I will bring you a blog on that topic, alone, in the near future.

He Who Has A Thing To Sell

For now, remember what I said earlier: He who has a thing to sell…..

I believe marketing is essential to bring you the highest quantity of high quality leads for your practice.

I understand from having done this for years that it is time consuming, resource heavy, and in constant need of refreshing.

I can help! I established Hotze Elite Physicians to provide training in both medical AND business protocols, including, how to market your practice. All you need to do is take notes and get started!

I believe  that you need a coach to help you build a successful medical practice so that you can have more time, more money and more freedom to enjoy your life…I am here to help and it would be a privilege to serve you.