Who’s the Boss of You?

Physician beliefs

Who’s the boss of you? That seems like a straightforward question, and your blink is probably, “I am!” If you are a physician in your own medical practice, that is the correct answer. Sort of. Stick with me for a moment and answer these questions:

  • Who pays you?
  • Who sets the terms for payment?
  • Do you have autonomy?
  • Are you free to come and go as you please?

If you answered as most solo practitioners did, then you can see that while you are in business for yourself, your patients, insurance companies, hospitals, Big Pharma, and even your staff, may indeed be acting as if they, not you, are the boss.

How’s that working for you?

We have found through a recent survey that many doctors feel it takes too long to be reimbursed correctly by insurance companies, that the administrative demands of operating a medical practice are increasing and they are spending less time, with more patients, and seeing a diminishing return. They are frustrated.  This is not the way they envisioned their medical practice working when they graduated from medical school.

Add to that the recent technological changes in the healthcare marketplace, from widespread use of the Internet, to review sites, to wearable technology, to data analytics, to on demand procedures and labs, and it becomes clear that disruption and complexity are on the rise for the solo practitioner and other medical practitioners.

The good news is that this presents a great opportunity for the savvy practitioner.

There has never been a better time to diversify your offering, your patient base, your knowledge and skills, as well as the team with whom you work.

Hotze Elite Physicians, a physician owned consulting and training business, has solutions that can be customized for you so that you can improve your medical practice and increase your bottom line.  Do you need assistance to solve problems that are currently constraining your time, freedom, independence, patient outcomes, business development and wealth enhancement?

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