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Are you Elite Material?

24 Sep 2018

Are you Elite Material?

Hotze Elite Physicians is for you if, and only if you can answer yes to the following five statements. I want to help […]

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15 Jun 2018

Do You Want To Scale Your Medical Practice?

Are you interested in learning how to leverage your time and your existing practice? Do you want to grow? 20 years ago, I […]

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04 May 2018

The Case for Cash Flow

Cash flow….some nights, I would toss and turn for hours, wondering whether or not I would be able to make payroll, pay the […]

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26 Apr 2018

The #1 Question I Am Asked By Doctors Interested in Hotze Elite Physicians

  Physicians from all over the Dallas area recently joined me at an event hosted by Hotze Elite Physicians. The number one question […]

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19 Apr 2018

A Typical Day in My Life – Faith, Family, Freedom

What exactly does it mean to have more time, more money and more freedom to enjoy your life? In my world a typical […]

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19 Mar 2018

All About Hotze Elite Physicians!

What do you believe? That’s my question for you today. I know what I believe and I unapologeticaly share it with all with […]

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