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Physicians' Primary Concerns

Increased administrative demands and the complexity of network based physician care are creating competitive pressures, with no indication of relief in the future.

Insurance restrictions and regulations dictate what patients you see, what treatments are covered and which formularies are acceptable.

These burdens deflate the passion of physicians who want to make a difference in the lives of people who turn to them for care.

Private practice doctors are facing high overhead expenses and flat or reduced reimbursement from insurance companies. This has led many physicians to say they would retire now if they could.

There comes a point when many doctors no longer want to put up with the stress of practice , and fewer individuals are interested in medicine as a career, as evidenced by predictions that there will be a doctor shortfall of up to 90,000 physicians by 2025.

Many Physicians Tell Us They Feel

Burned Out

by the time demands of their practice


of hospital employment


about their decline in income


by regulations and paperwork


about the current state of medicine


by the loss of clinical autonomy


about declining insurance reimbursements 
and slow pay

These feelings are draining the very life out of doctors, doctors just like you.

And It Gets Worse

Insurance regulations, assembly-line patient care, and insurance and hospital business models are destroying the future of the doctor-patient relationship and private practice. Physicians are working harder and feeling less fulfilled in the profession that once held such promise and passion for them.

More time and money means more freedom for physicians. But, traditional models for medicine leave you with less of all of them.
The current practice of medicine requires more time at work and more patients, just to maintain your current standard of living. Patient care suffers and so does your life.

Imagine a Medical Practice That Gives You

Time & Passion

Build stronger relationships with your patients and improve their health and wellness, naturally without prescription drugs.

Freedom & 

Treat patients without insurance approval in declining reimbursement rates.

Business & Wealth

Grow your practice and increase your income with proven case based systems and procedures.

What you do today can improve 
your practice tomorrow

Dr. Hotze’s Elite Plan for Health and Wealth offers you 
a blueprint for patient care and business development. Physicians will understand how to diagnose hormonal and nutritional gaps, implement customized prescriptions and access proprietary vitamin and mineral protocols.

Bridge The Gap

This involves treating patients with natural solutions that work with their bodies’ natural processes.

This includes extraordinary patient service, unparalleled care and personalized medicine, without the use of insurance.

This offers access to medical protocols for arresting or reversing nearly two dozen medical conditions.

This covers a key componentto health; quality, customized, compounded, bioidentical hormones.

This provides exclusive access to personalized vitamin and mineral regimens for your patients.

Medicine intersects with hospitality, eading to elevated patient care.


Insurance regulations, assembly-line patient care, and insurance and hospital business models are destroying the future of the doctor-patient relationship and private practice. Physicians are working harder and feeling less fulfilled in the profession that once held such promise and passion for them.


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